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Are you suffering from burnout?

Are you suffering from burnout?

Our body is great at letting us know when it’s not happy but are you guilty of ignoring it’s warning signs?

If you are anything like me, you ignore the warning bells until your health starts screaming so loud you simply can’t ignore it.

So lets check…..

Are you not sleeping well, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

My advice don’t ignore the symptoms …

If you are a parent, you are used to putting yourself last but if you’re repeatedly doing this at work – when is enough actually enough.

Are your brain cells now fried?

Heavy workloads and deadline pressures are a fact of working life. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed or stretched thin sometimes? But when relentless work stress pushes you into the debilitating state we call burnout, it is a serious problem and if you ignore it bad health is sure to follow.

Temperature test yourself…. Do you feel….

Exhaustion as this is the central symptom of burnout.

Inefficacy refers to feelings of incompetence and a lack of achievement and productivity. People with this symptom of burnout feel their skills slipping and worry that they won’t be able to succeed in certain situations or accomplish certain tasks

Burnout is like a relationship that’s gone bad: When the employment relationship is no longer beneficial to either party, and the prospects for reviving it are dim, it may be time to call it quits.

Do you need to call it quits for your health and well-being? Don’t leave it to you have no energy left to do something about it.

Does your job/employer enable you to be the best version of yourself? A sustainable job leverages your strengths and helps you perform at your peak.

How well does your job/employer align with your values and interests?  When fit is bad, on the other hand, you probably won’t receive the support you need to perform well. Your career success suffers.

What does your future look like in your job/organisation? Zoom out and take a long-term perspective to assess whether you’ve hit a short-term rough patch or a long-term downward slide.

What is burnout costing you? Burnout can take a serious toll on your health, performance, career prospects, psychological well-being, and relationships.

After considering these questions, if you conclude that leaving your job or organisation is the right course of action for you, you’ve already turned a corner. You may not be able to quit today. But maybe today is the day that you begin to lay the groundwork: Put aside extra savings, update your resume, reach out to network contacts, spread the word that you’d like a new job, get a coach, or sign up for an online course. The journey back to thriving begins with actions like these.

Learn to say NO

Prioritise self-care.

It’s essential to replenish your physical and emotional energy, along with your capacity to focus, by prioritising good sleep habits, nutrition, exercise, social connection.

I highly recommend an APP that I personally use called CALM it is great for helping you sleep – better sleep makes a world of difference.

Stop putting yourself last… it’s time to put yourself first

Shift your perspective.

While rest, relaxation, and replenishment can ease exhaustion, curb cynicism, and enhance efficacy, they don’t fully address the root causes of burnout.

Seek out connections.

The best antidote to burnout, particularly when it’s driven by cynicism and inefficacy, is seeking out rich interpersonal interactions and continual personal and professional development. Find coaches and mentors who can help you identify and activate positive relationships and learning opportunities.

The most important step is to recognise you are suffering burnout and not ignore or pretend it doesn’t exist.

It is never too late to look after you!


Helene Taylor – Managing Director & Founder – Jito Connected


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