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Supporting Women Award  ⭐️ Community Impact Award  ⭐️ Driving Diversity Impact Award

The Force For Good Awards



Are you a force for good? or do you know someone who is?
For our March 2020 Events, we are awarding companies, groups and/or individuals for their incredible force for good work! With three categories to enter and two locations you won’t want to miss out on these awards. Enter in either one or all of the following categories… Supporting Women Award, Community Impact Award and Driving Diversity Impact Award. Click the link below to download your entry form. You can nominate yourself, another individual or a company. Awards will be announced and presented at the 2020 March Events, Winners will be awarded with an official A Force For Good trophy and recognised amongst their peers at the event as the ultimate force for good. See below for the rules and all the entry questions. Nominations are now open and close 14th February 2020👏


These awards have now concluded

The Award Categories

Supporting Women Award

A force for good award for an individual ‘male or female’ who has made the greatest effort and contribution to supporting women in the travel, hospitality & tourism industry.


Sponsored by Hurtigruten – Sydney
Sponsored by Air New Zealand – Auckland


Awarded to an individual who has made the greatest effort to support women and/or girls locally or internationally. This force for good supporting women award can be any work done within a company or another country that relates back to the travel, hospitality and tourism industry, this can include work done in developing countries such as women tour leaders, female job opportunities to female support systems and more.

Community Impact Award

A force for good award for community work that brings a positive impact to a community.


Sponsored by Globus Family of Brands
Sydney & Auckland


Awarded to any individual, company or group of people that is/or continues to positively do force for good work in a community, locally or internationally. This force for good work can be, but not limited to, anything from sustainability, to solar energy to improving medical facilities, producing clean water, providing schooling, job creation and more.

Driving Diversity Impact Award

A force for good award for achieving the most impact in driving diversity.


Sponsored by A Force For Good Hub
Sydney & Auckland


Awarded to any individual or company that is or continues to positively drive change towards having the most impact on diversity, locally or internationally, in any area, including business, workplace, community or individuals.

Supporting Women Award  ⭐️ Community Impact Award  ⭐️ Driving Diversity Impact Award

The Questions…

The Force For Good Awards Nominations

What you will need to answer… 



Select Award Category

Supporting Women Award | Community Impact Award | Driving Diversity Impact Award



Select Nomination Selection

Individual | Group | Company



Select Nomination Location

Sydney, Australia Event | Auckland, New Zealand Event



Nomination Details

Who are you Nominating? Nomination Name:



In a brief statement why are you nominating this individual, group or company?

What have they done in the chosen category to impact, drive or support?

What is the overall impact, change or ripple effect from this?

What work do they continue to do within this category?

Are there any plans for future expansion on this positive work?

Why do you believe they should be awarded the force for good award in the chosen category?

Do you have any additional comments or notes you would like to make?

Are there any website links providing more information if we wish to research more about this?



email entries to: marketing@aforceforgoodhub.com


Supporting Women Award  ⭐️ Community Impact Award  ⭐️ Driving Diversity Impact Award

The Entry Rules…
Awards announced at Sydeny and Auckland Events 
  • Nominations are for two location categories, either Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.
  • As the Industry is global these nominations are not limited to only Australian or New Zealand residents or companies but are the guide to which location you want to enter or be recognised in as awards will be announced over two events in the two locations.
  • All Nominations must complete this document (over 3 pages max).
  • Nominations must keep within three pages; any more pages will be ignored.
  • Submit nominations before 14th February 2020.
  • All Nominations will be displayed here on www.aforceforgoodhub.com/awards
  • Nominations will be judged by a panel; the judges will be publicised on the website by Febuary 2020.
  • The Winners for Sydney Location Category, Australia will be announced at the Upcoming A Force For Good Sydney Event, Friday 6th March 2020 during the day.
  • The Winners for Auckland Location Category, New Zealand will be announced at the Upcoming A Force For Good Auckland Event, Monday 9th March 2020 during the day.
  • There are three award categories to enter, (Community Impact Award, Driving Diversity Impact Award and Supporting Women Award).
  • There are two location categories to enter, (Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.)
  • If you wish to enter more than one award category or location category you must fill out a new document for each and provide the relevant information for that category. E.g. (submit Community Impact Award, AUS and Community Impact Award, NZ.)
  • There are no limitations to the locations or categories you wish to enter, as long as they are separate entries.
  • All Entries must be submitted to the following email address: marketing@aforceforgoodhub.com
  • In total we will be giving out 6 awards, one of each 3 categories for Sydney and one of each 3 categories for Auckland. Good Luck.


New Zealand

Monday 9th March 2020 👏



Where you say?

Crowne Plaza, Auckland an IHG Hotel

Afterparty is at Glass Goose

More details below…




Friday 6th March 2020 🙌



Where you say?

Dockside Cockle Bay, Sydney

Afterparty is at  Cargo Bar 

More details below…