A FORCE FOR GOOD hub | About the Founder
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About the Founder

A True Entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business,

it’s someone who makes things happen

Helene Taylor is an entrepreneur, story teller, coach, international speaker and founder of Jito Connected, Inspiring Greatness & A force for Good.


Helene is an advocate for equality and diversity, inspiring more female leaders into top positions. Her work as a Global Executive Headhunter in the Travel Industry has seen her influence the Travel Industry into some significant change for diversity.


On 8th March 2017 – Helene brought the Travel & Hospitality Industry together in the first-ever event as a collective push for diversity. Attended by 552 companies and attendees it has now become an annual sold-out event widely supported by the industry.


Since the start of this initiative we have seen the following changes occur


Air New Zealand has removed all pay parity from amongst its organisation


Intrepid Group have grown their leadership team from 25% females to 50% and then applied this globally.

  • They then took the initiative one step further employing the first ever female tour leaders in India & Morocco which goes against cultural norms.
  • APT Travel Group have increased their leadership team by two females.
  • Several companies have created internal training programs for female leaders and we have seen more work from home policies improved and implemented.
  • A coaching program for Mothers on Leave.
  • A buddy support system for when females return to work
  • When mothers on mat leave a manager will call every month to keep mother connected to business
  • Paid training day’s mothers are invited back to attend to ensure they stay up to date on changes
  • Re-education process when mothers return to work
  • More options of working from home


Helene is the founder of A force for good movement/ community and media that shares stories that matter and collective wisdom to help inspire greatness both personally and professionally.