A FORCE FOR GOOD hub | Michelle Ashcroft’s advice on Leading Teams
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Michelle Ashcroft’s advice on Leading Teams

Michelle-Ashcroft--General-Manager Phil-Hoffmann-Travel-colour-photo-circle
Michelle Ashcroft – General Manager – Phil Hoffmann Travel
As a leader… what is your legacy? If your career finished tomorrow, what would you be remembered for?

Too often as leaders, we focus on results. And yet results are an outcome that we no longer have control over. So how can we maximise future results, and find out what our teams are actually capable of?

It starts with culture. Culture is the foundation upon which your business grows, the values you align with and make decisions based upon, and just as importantly, your non-negotiables – the line in the sand you will not cross. The tallest of buildings can only be built upon the strongest foundations… so getting this right is critical.

But we’ve talked about culture for years, and a great culture still doesn’t guarantee success. There is a new buzz word, and for good reason… because it’s this word that ignites a team and connects culture to results – and the word is engagement! Engagement is an employee’s emotional connection to the company they work for and their belief and tie between the role they do and company success. It matters to them!

Did you know that only 23% of the Australian workforce is engaged? And that disengagement is costing our economy over 70 billion dollars a year in lost productivity? 16% of our workforce is actively disengaged (these employees actually want to see the company fail… but this is for another article) and over 60% of our workforce is neither engaged or disengaged – these employees rock up to work, do their job, and go home. And herein lies the biggest opportunity for any leader! Can you imagine if you could transfer this area of your team from ‘neither engaged or disengaged’ to ‘engaged’? As in this space, you couldn’t jump over your results!

As leaders, our role is not to motivate our team, but to inspire them! As when you motivate, it is a transfer of energy from you to your team, meaning their bounce is coming from you. This can be exhausting and in most cases eventually slows or loses focus.

If you can inspire your team and light that fire in their belly with a hunger to succeed, by showing them a vision for success with a connection to their role within it – backed by solid strategy, with room for their creative flare and input – well then this… this is where you allow your team to shine, and the magic happens.

Michelle-Ashcroft--General-Manager Phil-Hoffmann-Travel-colour-photo-circle

Article by, Michelle Ashcroft – General Manager – Phil Hoffmann Travel


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