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Performance Management

Michelle-Ashcroft--General-Manager Phil-Hoffmann-Travel-colour-photo-circle
PRESENTATION BY Michelle Ashcroft
International Women’s Day 2018 Presentation by Michelle Ashcroft, General Manager, Phil Hoffmann Travel

I had the pleasure of presenting at International Women’s day, on a topic I am passionate about, being ‘Performance Management’.

But what is performance management? Who needs to be performance managed? And what are the steps?

My presentation started by asking how we as leaders wish to be remembered, and how the power of influence driven from the top will create behaviour, and define company culture. Culture is the foundation of any business, and must be reflected in decisions that are made. The key however to results, is ‘employee engagement’! Engagement is an employee’s emotional connection to company goals, and what will drive results.

My presentation shows current statistics on employee engagement in Australia, and also what employees value. I believe this is where the opportunity lies in performance management. Can you imagine company results if 60% of your team fully engaged themselves in your company goals?

Everyone in a business needs to be performance managed, but it starts with you! Leaders need to hold themselves accountable for living the company values. Every conversation is an opportunity to engage and offer my 3 KPI’s for every meeting – feedback, direction and inspiration. Performance management doesn’t need to be negative or confrontational, it needs to be honest and delivered with respect. It starts with trust, and the steps start by breaking down the barrier with your team member, and instead of looking at results first, start by looking at their culture fit and engagement. If someone is a culture fit and they have the drive to succeed, then by offering hard skills training or redefining their role, you will create the magic of matching an employee’s strengths with company goals.

This opportunity accounts for over 80% of employees. If, however, an employee is not a culture fit, and is actively disengaged, then this is what cannot be fixed, and no matter what their results show, good or bad, they will eat away at your culture and take others down with them. This is when a business has a responsibility to protect their team and make decisions according to their company values and performance manage this person out.  Leaders cannot put their head in the sand and hope the problem goes away.

Leaders have an opportunity to bring out the greatness in themselves and others, by being brave, being honest and by doing so with kindness. I think it’s important to remember that every day we influence others and we create our own history.
So what do you want your legacy to be?
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Michelle-Ashcroft--General-Manager Phil-Hoffmann-Travel-colour-photo-circle

Michelle Ashcroft – General Manager, Phil Hoffmann Travel


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