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Tips for increasing POSITIVE energy at work


Article by Helene Taylor


There is convincing evidence of the organisational benefits of emotional engagement such as increased productivity and improved customer service. Aside from the obvious performance-related benefits of emotional engagement.

Positive energy is contagious.

How beneficial is it to you personally, is an engaged workforce?

When I say personally, I mean your own mental state, your own psyche, your effect, your energy. I imagine if you are working with a great group of engaged individuals you enjoy your work more.

Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life start by giving off POSITIVE ENERGY

How to get your team more positive and emotionally engaged… I have tested these ideas with my own team and they work. A positive attitude brings strength, energy, motivation and initiative.

1. Embrace a technique I call… “Bucket filling”

Before you begin any meeting have each member of the team share something positive that someone else in the room has done that they have noticed. People love praise even more so if they weren’t expecting it. It is surprising how good it can feel giving positive praise. It only takes a few minutes to fill someone else’s bucket. Try starting every meeting with this and see the difference in energy in the room.

2. The Sandwich effect:

Meetings should have what I call the sandwich effect.


Always sandwich the negative in the middle.

Plan your close of the meeting in advance so you finish on a positive.

3. Creating an internal competition…

This is a great way to increase the positive energy in the office. Employees get excited about winning something. Have a chart that they get to draw on to show their achievements. Make it fun. Hang items around the office to create a focus on the competition. Flight Centre are brilliant at adopting this in their team environments.

4. Buy a gong….

If you have a sales or target driven environment. A gong is an awesome idea. When someone makes a sale the gong sends positive encouragement and everyone stops to applaud and recognise an achievement. This could be a certain target. It encourages positive energy. A simple but effective way to increase positive energy in your office.

5. Fun…

As simple as this advice is … how many times a week do you apply this in your workplace. Fun increases positive energy. If you took 15- 30 minutes a day to create some fun in the workplace how more efficient would you employees be. Fun lifts our serotonin level. Ask your team what would be a fun thing to do for 15- 30 minutes a day. Do not decide for them as your idea of fun may not be the same.

One time I brought in the “jobs” movie (Steve Jobs) made popcorn and had the team watch it for an hour. Whilst this would not seem like a dollar productive activity in the workplace to most, it was amazingly productive. After the movie we discussed what we learnt from the movie and what we could apply to ourselves. That day everyone worked twice as hard and everyone achieved more in one day than the hour it took to watch it.

Inspiring stories increase positive energy!

6. Build Confidence…

Taking the time to discover and focus on your employee’s strengths. Compliment their strengths (remember bucket filling) on a regular basis. Praise and encouragement builds confidence and in return creates more positive energy.

I know we can’t be positive 24/7 and these tips may seem all too basic but I am confident not all organisations apply them and they are so simple. Trial it and watch the energy in your office improve quickly.

Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others.

Make today ridiculously amazing and share your ideas on increasing positive energy with us all.

What do you suggest to help increase positive energy in the workplace?


Helene Taylor – Managing Director & Founder – A Force for Good & Jito Connected



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